The Muse recalled, an Ode, occasioned by the Nuptials of…

~ The Muse recalled, an Ode, occasioned by the Nuptials of Lord Viscount Althorp and Miss Lavinia Bingham, eldest Daughter of Charles Lord Lucan, March VI, M.DCC.LXXXI.... Strawberry-Hill: Printed by Thomas Kirgate, 1781.

4to (230 × 190 mm), pp. [2], 8; a very good copy in recent full calf.

First edition. 250 copies were printed, according to Horace Walpole, to ‘oblige the Lucans’.

‘An epithalamium on the occasion of [Jones’s] former pupil’s marriage written at the insistence of Georgiana, duchess of Devonshire (the groom’s sister), and printed by Horace Walpole at the Strawberry Hill Press under the direction of Charles Bingham, first Baron Lucan (the bride’s father), [it is] elegantly laced with oppositional ideology. The climax... scourges contemporary decadence; Freedom and Concord are depicted departing for the “purer soil” and “more congenial sky” of Delaware in a radical paean saluting America as the asylum of liberty. At this time Jones was also contemplating emigration westwards, and his association with Americans such as Henry Laurens and Arthur Lee in London and John Adams and Benjamin Franklin in Paris made it seem more likely that the future would see him a legislator on the banks of the James river than (as remained his expressed ambition) a judge on the banks of the Hooghly’ (Oxford DNB). Hazen 28; Jackson, p. 88.

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